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Zero Z8 Electric Scooter


Max speed authorized on public road 25km / h.

The Zero 8 36V 10Ah electric scooter is the urban model par excellence.

Its 17 kilos will allow it to carry it everywhere.

With a 36v 10ah battery from Samsung or LG, the Zero 8 offers the ideal compromise between autonomy and performance.

Max speed 25km / h. Max speed 30 km / h in unbridled mode Use on private roads only.

120kgs payload. Autonomy * up to 30 km.

Rear drum brake + adjustable motor brake.

Charging time 4h.

8.5 inch front wheel,

8 inch rear wheel.

Inflatable front and solid rear tire.

Voltage 36V 10Ah.

Power 350W.

Aluminum frame.

Warranty: 2 years, parts and labor (1 year for the battery)



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Thanks to its hydraulic rear suspensions and its front suspension integrated into the steering column, the zero 8 electric scooter ensures perfect road holding in any situation.

With a rear drum brake and front and rear suspensions, the Zero 8 benefits from a reduced stopping distance.

The Zero 8 urban scooter has powerful lighting made up of 3 front lights, 2 rear lights as well as 2 brake lights that are activated when braking.

An implementing decree regulating the circulation of EDPMs (Personal Motorized Displacement Vehicles) was published on October 23, 2019.

the main lines are:

Maximum speed 25 km / h on public roads. No speed limit on private roads.

No maximum power limit.

Minimum age: 12 years old. Personal use only: there cannot be two or more on an EDPM.

Prohibition on wearing headphones or other devices emitting sound.

Prohibition on the sidewalk.

Authorized in the city with an obligation to ride on tracks and cycle lanes if there are any, failing which on roads limited to a speed

Sidewalk parking permitted unless it hinders pedestrian traffic.

Outside built-up areas, prohibition on the road, only on greenways and cycle paths.

At night or in poor visibility: retro-reflective clothing or equipment (an auxiliary light to be seen from the back - to be worn between the belt and the top of the head - is still under discussion).

The machine must have front and rear lights, retro-reflective devices on the sides.

An audible warning device.

Efficient braking system (in line with the future technical standard which defines the braking distance).

Helmets and other protective equipment are not mandatory in built-up areas but we strongly recommend them.

They are compulsory outside built-up areas on authorized roads.

Non-compliance with traffic rules: € 35 fine (2nd class).

Sidewalk traffic without authorization: 135 € (4th class).

If you drive at more than 25 km / h: 1500 € (5th class).

The EDPMs are considered as VTMs (Land Motor Vehicles, they are therefore not covered by the Civil Liability of users. Obligation of individual insurance.

Insurance per vehicle (identification by serial number).

Obligation to have at least insurance for damage to third parties.

Obligation to affix a green sticker on the vehicle.

Risks incurred in the event of non-insurance: € 3,500 fine.

Liability in the event of an accident and in particular damage to third parties

Urban electric scooter Zero 8 36V / 10Ah Speed 25km / h

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